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Global Security Risk Management

Based on Experience


There are many reasons why individuals and their families may become targets for attack. These reasons could be to exploit their high-profile position, because they are high net-worth individuals, or it could be politically motivated.  These criminals are looking to gain access to sensitive information, extort monetary payment, cause them embarrassment or personal harm.


Many executives focus their security efforts and budgets solely on threats towards the organization, rather than their own security and safety. However, executives themselves are assets to the organization. They are the most abundant source of company secrets and accessibility which makes them and their family a security vulnerability if not properly protected. 

Security teams have evolved and become a critical piece of the corporate business strategy.

In today’s business climate, it has become a truism that most companies are pushing for maximum shareholder value and thus, maximum productivity from their CEO. As a result, an executive protection service that facilitates smooth and safe travel and public appearances so that the executive has sufficient time to capitalize on new market opportunities and business deals is valuable in and of itself.



Rather we provide professional executive personal protection.  We are founded on providing executive protection which is modeled after U.S. Department of State Diplomatic Security Services and Secret Service Dignitary security protocols.  

Our teams specialize in providing protection services for clients that are Fortune 500 executives, foreign diplomats, high net-worth individuals and family members who require professional personal protection

We follow the general rule:

"Close enough to protect, far enough away not to be introduced."

– Henry Kissinger

We have decades of specific training and real world experience required to understand exactly what our clients and their families need; total protection from targeted threats in a low-profile manner that does not draw increased and unwanted attention. By focusing on our core strengths, we are able to provide our clients with an unmatched level of protection, expert advice and the highest quality of service.

What is your life worth?

What is the life of your family worth?

SCG Estate Security

Security is often a major concern while you are at work. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked while we are most vulnerable, at home. Your estate could be seen as a soft target and be defenseless to those that wish to do you and your family harm.

Security Concepts Group (SCG) believes that you and your family deserve true peace of mind when it comes to your security. This is why we offer several options in order to provide you with the appropriate Estate Security solution.

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Our professionally trained security agents provide discrete security services.  Our aim is to provide a small footprint while still maintaining constant security and ability to respond to emergency’s.  

Why Choose SCG?

SCG’s pride is its talent, all of our Risk Managers and Security Consultants are subject matter experts in their field and have extensive experience in both public and private sectors.


Our broad spectrum of consulting service can be summarized as expert, objective advice to mitigate risks to our clients and their concerns.  SCG’s experts’ partner with our clients during implantation or recommendations as well as ongoing program maintenance ensuring effective, practical security for the long term.


Our techniques are based on internationally recognized standards to include International Organization of Standards (ISO) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved methodologies, blended with actual real world working experience.

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